Five Ways to Increase the Search Rankings of Your Blog Posts

1) Stop Stressing Over Keywords

Don’t try to manipulate Google too much! There is a fair amount of debate over the value of keywords in blog posts. Keywords are of course still relevant. However, they do not carry the weight they once did. Google prefer articles with a variety of vocabulary, you could be penalised for overusing one specific keyword throughout an entry.

2) High Quality Gets You Noticed

Really great content attracts the attention of other websites and bloggers. As a result, more people will start linking to it, either as a reference or simply just to offer a little more to their own readers. When high-quality websites link to your blog posts, you are earning valuable back-links that will benefit your overall SEO strategy.

3) Share on Social Media

Social media users won’t be in the same buyer frame of mind as someone specifically searching for something on Google or Bing. However, they do appreciate quality content. The more shares and social interactions your blog post has, the more information search engines have about the value of that post.

4) Focus on Niches

Big competitive topics are difficult to rank for. You will find real success if you focus your attention on the smaller more specific questions that people might ask. Millions of people look to Google for the answers to their questions. If you’re providing that, for less common queries within your niche, you stand a much greater chance of ranking.

5) Optimise For Mobile

Can mobile viewers enjoy your blog content too? Can they read with ease, without the need to zoom in and out? Your content might look great on desktop, with a nicely positioned image and beautiful call-to-action. That’s great, but if it all falls apart on mobile, you’re almost certainly losing readers and impacting on SEO.

Google often seems as though it has a mind of its own. Although there are real people behind the Google algorithm, it’s extremely complex and largely unknown. There is no secret recipe for SEO success, it’s a lengthy process, but at the heart of it, it’s all about providing quality for your visitors.

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