Finding the Right Publishers to Promote your Business

If you can find the right publishers to promote your business online you can tap into an automated stream of constant revenue. If you’re running an affiliate programme through a network such as WOW Trk, you don’t even need to actively recruit your own publishers. However, if you want to run an internal affiliate programme, or you’re simply interested in how publishers are recruited, then read on for some tips.

Find Bloggers & Influencers In Your Niche

A popular choice of publisher are bloggers and vloggers who already operate within your niche. If you sell fashion or beauty related items/services you’re probably very familiar with this framework. Beauty guru’s on YouTube, fashion bloggers writing about the latest trends and social media influencers are all great choices for this category. Whatever your niche, no matter how obscure, you can guarantee there will be people blogging about it. Bloggers allow your brand to reach a whole new untapped audience through their own traffic sources. If their blog ranks highly in the search results, your campaign will benefit from this. If they are active on social media, or run any other form of digital marketing, your offer will benefit.

While there are online tools that exist to help connect you with bloggers etc,. It can be as simple as searching on Google and spending some quality time on Instagram. It’s certainly not a quick process and you will need to reach out to each blog/website individually with your pitch.

Create a Page About Your Affiliate Program

Whether you run an internal programme or you’re part of a network, it’s very beneficial to have a page about your affiliate program on your website. A link in the footer will make this easily accessible to people/companies who are specifically looking for further info. You should include a short paragraph about how the programme is run, what commissions you offer and the type of publisher you want to attract. Include a link to allow interested visitors to sign straight up.

Joining an affiliate network with an established selection of publishers is the quickest way to find the right publishers to promote your business. Once you’ve joined a network like WOW Trk, we do the rest of the work, getting your offer in front of the right affiliates. This saves you a great deal of time and effort, allowing you to focus on growing the other areas of your business. We’re specialists, we know what makes a good publisher and what doesn’t. We vet all of the affiliates who join our network and we constantly monitor activity to eliminate fraud. So if you receive a sale or lead, you can rest assured it’s a genuine asset to your company.

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