Find the Best Poker & Gambling Affiliate Programs

After poker skyrocketed in global popularity over a decade ago, people started flooding to their local casinos in search of some action. Poker was not a new game, but it became far more accessible and popular among players who had not previously gotten so enthusiastic about it. It was also around this time that online poker exploded onto the scene, and the range of online poker sites continue to be hugely popular and lucrative to this day.


This represents a monumental opportunity for affiliates and publishers to cash in on the instant appeal of playing and winning online through the available poker and gambling and affiliate programs. These include a number of online casinos, online lotto and online bingo sites that are keen to attract new players. As an affiliate, it is in your best interest to find the absolute best poker and gambling affiliate programs available.

As of this writing, there are currently nearly 100 offers available on the WOW Trk affiliate network in the gambling category. These offers approach a range of different countries around the world, including Ireland, Finland, Belgium, and Canada. Many games are available for referred players, including table games like blackjack, craps, and roulette, as well as video poker and online slot machines. Most of these gambling affiliate programs convert on a minimum deposit and wager, offering lucrative CPAs as high as £100.00.

The robust offer directory on WOW Trk makes it easy to understand how to search for the top affiliate programs in the poker and gambling industry vertical. Once logged into your WOW Trk account, click on “Offers” in the sidebar, and then select “Browse/Search.” On the resulting page, choose “Browse by Category” near the top and tick the box next to Gambling. This will bring up all the relevant affiliate offers in this category.

Depending on the type of the traffic that you intend to attract, you may also want to filter by country using the Advanced Search function. Determining the “best” poker and gambling affiliate programs will depend on such factors as the payout level, the payable action for conversion, the geotargeting of the offer, the type of offer (bingo, lotto, casino, etc.), and your confidence in attracting traffic that converts.

As a general rule of thumb, the offers that have the highest payouts may also have the largest requirements for a successful conversion. Test your traffic to see if it is more lucrative for you to attract a higher number of successful conversions at a lower CPA or a lower number of conversions at a higher CPA. And don’t be afraid to experiment in different markets and with different promotion methods.

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