The Fastest Way to Get Started as an Affiliate Marketer

If you’ve made the decision to start investing some time in affiliate marketing, the chances are you can’t wait to get started. Cutting corners and rushing things can seem tempting to being one step closer to saying you are finally up and running. Avoid these temptations and follow this guide to getting started without skipping any steps.


Save Time & Use WordPress
Use WordPress to build your first website. It’s one of the quickest and easiest platforms to get started with. There are thousands of plugins available that can be easily installed on your website to customise and enhance it without the need for coding knowledge. Whether you are looking for something simple or even a more complex website, WordPress caters for almost anything.

Use the WOW Trk Tools
If you choose to become a WOW Trk affiliate you will benefit from our unique tools. These can save you a lot of time, especially in the beginning. You could start running features that would ordinarily take a lot of time to set-up and implement. We’ve even created our very own WordPress plugin which once installed, automatically starts showing your affiliate offers for you, fully automated and optimised.

Automate Things with Schedulers
Where possible, try to save time with automated features and schedulers. Hootsuite and Buffer are social media management tools than save you a lot of time, but larger social platforms also offer their own scheduling tool. Using Tweetdeck and Facebook scheduler means you can plan your posts a few days ahead, saving time later.

Pick a Focus
Rather than trying to promote everything at once, choose just one or two affiliate programs within the same niche and focus your attention here. It’s far better to be an expert at promoting within a specific area, rather than a ‘jack of all trades’ promoting lots of things at an average level. You should see results a lot faster if you take this approach.

Finally, remember that affiliate marketing takes time to grow and develop, think of it as a child in the early stages. You can’t rush the things that will prove important further down the line and you certainly can’t skip stages altogether, in a bid to get started quicker.

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