Different Ways to Generate Traffic to Affiliate Offers

Below are some ways in which you can generate traffic to affiliate offers. An obvious way is start a website and generate traffic by placing links and banner creatives on your website. However there are a number of other ways!

Here are some great ways to generate traffic:

Display/Content – This method is basically like I mentioned above, start a website and display banner ads and text links on it about offers.

Email Marketing – Email marketing is a very popular way to drive traffic to offers and many offers on WOW Trk have ’email creatives’ which you can drop into your email platform to easily promote those offers. An email platform like MailChimp is a great way to get started, they have a great free plan so it wont cost you anything to get started.

Social Media – Another great way to generate traffic to affiliate offers is via social media. If you own a website and have not already made a Facebook page and Twitter for it, I recommend you do! Link to them from your website, build up your likes and followers for when you promote offers.

PPC – This method is fairly complicated, but has huge potential. A place I have used before to buy PPC traffic is Microsoft Ads – its a pretty good site to get started on.

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