Data Privacy Day – Ensure Your Account Is Secure

It’s Data Privacy Day, so here are 5 tips to ensure your account is secure!

Password Management
Password’s are a main security measure on your accounts. It is important to have a strong password and also to change them regularly.
Password management software such as Dashlane can help with this, by generating very strong passwords and also notifying you when to change your passwords.

2 Factor Security
2 Factor is another way to make your account secure. 2 Factor means that you will have to authenticate the user is you, once logged in, this is usually done with a generated code. WOW TRK has 2 Factor for advertiser accounts and we can also add this to your affiliate accounts, just let us know.

Hard Security Questions
Security questions are a common feature for accounts and you should always make them hard to guess, steer away from dates and names as these may be accessible online, such as on your social accounts and stick with something only YOU know.
Try and use a question which also isn’t guessable such as the colour of your first car.

Secure Other Accounts
It is important to make sure your other accounts are also secure – Primarily your email as this is used for a lot of security measures.

Cyber Protection
It is highly recommended to have anti-virus software such as Avira and Anti-Malware such as Malbytes as these can protect you from getting your passwords and other details stolen.

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