Complete Online Casino Affiliate Guide for Beginners

Affiliate marketing has been steadily rising on the Internet and has become one of the primary methods to generate profit for content creators in many different areas. One industry that has seen great use of affiliate marketing is the online casino scene, which has been practicing it for a while. In this article, we will explore the basics of online casino affiliate marketing, how it works and what to expect.

How Do Casino Affiliate Programs Work?

Casino affiliate at its core is marketing based on results. You are advertising an online casino to a potential player base and the more players you bring in, the more money you will generate. Your traffic is tracked by a unique link provided by each online casino and for each newly registered player, you stand to earn money.

It works great for all parties involved as the casino only pays you for new players you send its way, your success solely depends on how much effort you are willing to invest, while customers have a font of knowledge for gambling websites. Moreover, the casino will actively work with you, providing you with important information and promotional materials to add to your website, such as banners, graphics, pictures and more.

Profit Options

When it comes to generating profit from online casino affiliate marketing, you usually have two ways to go about it. As mentioned on they both have their strengths and downsides and you will find them directly below.

Revenue Share

The revenue share model is usually the one taken by affiliate marketers as it has the highest profit potential. The way it works is quite simple, you refer a player to the online casino and they make a deposit. For the revenue (read player losses) that the casino generates, you will receive a percentage. Your share will be different based on the affiliate programs. Some offer 15% right out of the gate with the option of increasing it by bringing in more business, while others seeking to attract new marketers will offer you between 20% and 40% from the get-go.

The peculiarities of this system are that while you can generate positive revenue for the casino, your share can also go into the negative. But how is this possible? The casino makes a profit from player losses, but what happens when the casino loses? This is reflected in the affiliate’s balance, as well. Some programs will let you go into the negative and only by bringing in more customers, can you mend the situation. However, certain programs will reset you back to zero if you ask customer support, which you should always do. Ideally, you are looking for a program with no negative carryover, which means that the program will never allow you to go into the negative, to begin with.


CPA stands for Cost Per Acquisition and is much simpler than the Revenue Share method outlined above. When you sign-up for a CPA program, you earn a flat fee for every customer that you bring to the casino. The specific amount will vary depending on the program, so we cannot provide any concrete information here.

With this system, your profit is not dependant on that of the casino, however, your earnings potential is hindered, as well. If you bring in a high roller who bets thousands on a daily basis, you will miss out on that profit. However, the system does have benefits, as well. Specifically, when you are targeting a budget-oriented player base. Gamblers, such as these, are unlikely to bring in much profit for you, so it is best to take the flat fee than hoping that they will make larger deposits down the line. Additionally, this setup is much more stable than Revenue Sharing, as there is no risk of going into the negative or having your profits disappear overnight after a large win by the player.

Nuances of Casino Affiliate Marketing

There are several aspects that you will have to account for if you choose to get into marketing online casinos. First and foremost, the volatile nature of the business is known to all experienced affiliates as until now they have over 150 casino reviewed. Your profits are directly tied to the success of the casino and if it happens that one of your players scores a large win, you may end up losing any profit accumulated up to that point. This is unfortunate and the feeling of seeing your neat four- or five-figure balance disappear is crushing. However, it is important to look at the big picture and see how much profit you generate in the long run, not unlike how online casinos work.

Something else to look out for is the trustworthiness of the affiliate program and the company behind it. It is common knowledge that certain unscrupulous companies are more than willing to screw their affiliates where larger sums of money are concerned. It is a cutthroat industry in some areas, so you should always be on the lookout for these rogue operations.

As we have mentioned above, affiliate marketing is based on results. Therefore, your success will also depend on how much effort, money and time you are willing to invest in your operation. The casino affiliate scene is quite stacked so you want every advantage you can acquire, this includes researching what players are looking for, understanding how Internet traffic works, and how to sell the online casino in question.

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