Cheque payments are being removed as a payment option


This blog post relates to the WOW TRK affiliate network which closed in 2020. This blog post remains to preserve some history of the affiliate network.

The information in this blog post may be incorrect or no longer relevant.

Since the network started back in 2007 we have offered cheque payments to Affiliates, however the time has come for us to wave goodbye to cheque payments as a payout option for our Affiliates.

After 31st December 2019 we will no longer offer cheque payments to Affiliates.

In 2013 we started using for some international payments to Affiliates, over the years TransferWise’s support for international payments in more countries has grown, giving us the ability to send international payments via local transfers through TransferWise, at our lower payout threshold of £25 (instead of the £250 threshold for international bank transfers).

In part due to this and also the fact that cheques are becoming less used across the world we have seen a huge decline in Affiliates requesting payment by Cheque. Over the past 2 years we have only issued a few cheques to Affiliates, so this will have very little impact on our existing Affiliates.

Affiliates payments for commission earned in December can still be paid via Cheque, after this Cheque payments will be removed as an option for any affiliate commission earned in 2020.

We will continue to offer payments via UK Bank Transfer from our UK account, Local Bank Transfers in more than 30 countries via TransferWise and PayPal, with a low minimum earning threshold of just £25. We will also continue to offer International Bank Transfers for countries not supported by TransferWise, however the minimum payout threshold for this method will remain at £250.

If you have any questions or concerns about these changes don’t hesitate to contact your account manager or speak to our support team.

Looking for affiliate networks that still offer Cheque as a payment option? Find a list here.

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