Can You Really Make Money Being An Affiliate?

Affiliate marketing is still surprisingly unknown to many website owners and bloggers. It’s only natural to feel a bit unsure about a method that claims to make you money online from the comfort of your sofa. The simple answer to the question, ‘can you really make money being an affiliate?’ is yes! Yes it’s completely possible to make money as an affiliate and thousands do it every single day.

How Does it Work?

Brands want to reach as many targeted people as possible online. They do this in a number of ways: email marketing, social media, search engine rankings etc,. Affiliate marketing is just another way in which they reach a wider audience. A merchant will pay a commission to someone else for referring a sale or generating a lead. This could either be in the form of a flat fee per lead, or a percentage of the sale amount. Using unique links known as tracking links, the sales you generate can be accounted for and in return, you are rewarded.

Why It Works for the Advertiser

Affiliate marketing is a revenue source for businesses. Other people or organisations are promoting their product or service for them. Through this method they are able to reach millions of new customers. Unlike other marketing channels, affiliate marketing is risk free for the merchant. When an advertiser joins the WOW Trk network, they do not pay a penny. They payout when a sale or lead has been generated, by you, the affiliate. It’s easy to see why it’s a recipe for success from the start.

Why it Works for the Affiliate 

Bloggers, social media influencers or other websites that receive a high interest often look for a way to monetise the audience they have successfully amassed. Affiliate marketing allows you to do this without having to deal with physical items or send anything offline. The merchant deals with all elements of the sale or service delivery, including customer support and postage fees.

There are many websites claiming they have the secret to helping you make money online. Well here’s a spoiler for you… there are no genuine secret methods! Never pay a website or individual promising to reveal a hidden method or secret recipe for success. Affiliate marketing is a well-known way of making money online and the concept has been around for years, even offline. Like anything, if you want to create a living from it, you need to work hard and learn the ropes. The first step is to join a strong affiliate network like WOW Trk.

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