Buying Traffic as An Affiliate

If you are an affiliate, but you don’t have any traffic yourself or you regularly buy traffic – we thought it would be a good idea to compile a list of websites that affiliates commonly use when buying traffic to generate conversions to offers on WOW Trk.

For affiliates new to this model, basically affiliates buy traffic from websites like the below on a cost per click or cost per view basis. The idea is that they get the conversion rate high enough that the cost per click or view works out at less than they are averaging per click through WOW Trk.

As an example say you get £10 commission per conversion on WOW Trk for an offer, the network you are buying traffic from lets say is costing you £0.10 per click to get a visitor to the WOW Trk offer, you are averaging £0.25 on WOW Trk per click based on the click to conversion ratio. Therefore you are averaging a £0.15 profit per click.

There are much more detailed guides on the web about how to do this, hopefully the above gave you a quick understanding of how it works.

Below is the list I have compiled for different ad networks you can buy traffic from (I will try and keep updating this over time):

PPC / Contextual:
Google Adwords
Bing Ads
One by AOL

Native Ads:
Native Ads

Wiget Media

Traffic Vance
Pop Your Ads

Also if you are looking for a platform to help manage PPC and PPV campaigns, I recommend Prosper202 – this software easily integrates with WOW TRK and many other affiliate networks. It’s also free, all you need is a web host for the script.

If you know of any other places to buy traffic, please let us know in the comment section below.

UPDATED: 8th May 2018

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