The Best Free WordPress Affiliate Plugins

If you have just started your first website or have an established site and looking to monetise it, then WordPress affiliate plugins can be an invaluable way to start monetising a site. However, even though they can make you a lot of money, you don’t want to risk losing money by paying a lot for them. Fortunately, there are a number of free options that can both make you money and save you money. Just because a plugin is free, it doesn’t mean it shouldn’t work well, so choosing the best available plugins for your website is important. As well as plugins that will help you to make money, you also want options that are easy to use and offer great customer service too.


AdRotate gives you a WordPress plugin that makes it easy to place advertising banners on your site and manage them from the simple dashboard. You have the option to create your own adverts using basic HTML/Javascript code or you can use adverts from your preferred ad server, such as Google AdSense or other services. The plugin makes it simple to start adding ads to your site without needing to change your theme code.


This WordPress affiliate plugin is designed specifically for 125×125 adverts. Start adding them to your website or blog for a way to put small and convenient adverts anywhere that works for you. You can choose to run your ads for a chosen number of days and they will automatically be taken down once that time period is over. You can also track the clicks that you get. Note though that the WP125 affiliate plugin hasn’t been updated in a while at the time of writing, whilst this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use it this can mean that the plugin may have security issues.


If you want to put Amazon products on your site, AmazonSimpleAdmin gives you a way to integrate them into your pages in WordPress. The template feature makes it easy to choose different styles for different pages on your site. It’s an excellent tool if you’re looking for a free WordPress plugin that fulfils a specific role and gets the job done.

PG Simple Affiliate Shop

With PG Simple Affiliate Shop, you can set up a shop on your website that allows you to manage products, customised reviews and simple banner ads. This helps you to manage any affiliate products and links that you have without making it too time-consuming. The plugin helps with formatting and uploading so that you don’t have to do it yourself. It is also worth noting that this WordPress plugin hasn’t been updated in a while either.

Pretty Links

If you have affiliate links that you want to add to blog posts and other pages, they can often look messy. An affiliate plugin like Pretty Links helps to make them look more attractive, and you can do it from your WordPress dashboard. Being able to manage your links means you can keep track of them all and you can get reports on their performance too.


Of course, a list of the best free WordPress affiliate plugins wouldn’t be complete without our own plugin. The WOW TRK Ad Rotator plugin shows ads on your website where you choose. You can add banner rotators on your site above or below posts or as a widget on your site and you are paid per conversion delivered to the advertisers websites, rates can vary from £1 for a free sign, up to £200+ when a user deposits and spends money at a forex broker or gambling website. Unlike other ad manager plugins where you need to manually add new ads, manage which ones are performing best, with the WOW TRK ad rotator plugin, the plugin will show only ads you are approved for and automatically optimise them and geo-target the ads depending on the country the visitor is from. All you need to do is apply for new offers within your account and then once you are approved for the offer, they will automatically be included in your ad rotation on your site so long as the advertiser has a banner available for the size you have chosen.

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