The Best Way to Increase Your Conversion Rate

Not everyone who lands on your website wants to purchase or sign up for something straight away. Does that mean those people don’t matter? Of course not! To capture them and turn them into conversions however, we need to understand their thought process and the buyer path.

Create A Sales Funnel

Converting a web visitor all depends on how they reached your website in the first place. That’s why it’s really important to understand where your traffic is coming from, by using a source such as Google Analytics or another traffic monitoring programme. Where that visitor came from is often key to their thought process and enables you to set-up different sales funnels based off this information.

For example, those that searched something specific to your brand or product and clicked on your website via a PPC ad, are much more likely to convert on their first or second visit. They are already in a buying frame of mind, already searching for something they need. On the other hand, a visitor who’s arrived at your website’s blog via a tweet you shared, isn’t yet in the buyer frame of mind. They could be there to read tips on a topic of interest (just like you are now). It’s your job to get them to the end result.

A sales funnel takes into consideration the three steps to purchase:

  1. Awareness
  2. Interest
  3. Sale

Getting your brand in front of people, via email or social media is a form of awareness. Someone visiting your website for the first time is developing that awareness further. ‘Awareness’ can take weeks or even months of repeated ads, promotions, updates and campaigns in general before it becomes ‘interest’. Provided you are targeting the right people through accurate ads, remarketing campaigns or consumer research, eventually you will reach that point of interest. Of course, this will not be the case for everyone.

How to Generate Interest

Use Video – Videos are proven to increase conversion rates when used on the landing page of your website.  An explainer video, or even an entertaining emotive video can help convert that awareness into interest.

Decrease Ads – If you’ve got ads plastered all over your website, you’re contributing to the distraction of your visitors. This results in them falling out of the intended sales funnel.

Blogs – Yes blogs help generate awareness when syndicated on social media, but they are also a tool to create interest. Ensure you’re plugging your blogs with call-to-actions to bring the reader toward the product/service.

Finally, to close that sale you need a quick and simple checkout process. This means limited pages and forms to fill-out. Simple and easy to find delivery options and a fast loading website! Page speed is another reason you might be losing conversions, so bare that in mind too.

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