How to track your affiliate sales in Google Analytics

Have you always wanted to see your leads and sales within GoogleAnalytics for your affiliate site? Google Analytics has always made it easy for eCommerce sites but now with you can easily see your affiliate revenue within Google Analytics to help optimise your advertising spend for your affiliate sites!

Best of all WOW TRK is fully integrated (along with more than 75 other networks) with so you can see your WOW TRK revenue within Google Analytics and on the platform.

All your affiliate stats in one place

The dashboard lets you also see your affiliate revenue from all your networks in one place, saving you time logging into multiple platforms. The dashboard also shows you information on decline rates so you can be aware of abnormally high rejection rates from networks.

Free Trial

Get started with the platform today by getting a free trial. You can also book in for a free demo with one of the WeCanTrack team if you would like some help with the platform or have any questions.

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