What affiliate marketing program is right for me?

To truly earn money via affiliate marketing, you need to set yourself up with a good affiliate marketing program. With the right choice, you’ll earn high payouts and see a whole host of benefits.

This begs the question; what affiliate marketing program is right for you? If you came here expecting to see a definitive answer, then I’m afraid you’re about to be let down. No single affiliate marketing program is the king of all programs. Yes, there are plenty of big companies like Amazon that offer good affiliate programs, but how do you know they’re right for you?
Instead, to better answer the question of ‘what one is best?’ you first need to take a look at yourself.

How Will You Promote Affiliate Links?

Finding the right affiliate marketing program for you starts with how you promote affiliate links. Some people have blogs or websites they use to promote affiliate links, others will simply rely on social media such as Instagram. The way you go about things will determine which programs you should be more interested in than others.

For example, people who promote using social media are best suited to affiliate programs that are centred around discount codes. Lots of companies, like popular supplement brand MyProtein, will offer affiliate links with codes for those that click on them. All people need to do is click your link to gain their code and then make a purchase. You’ll get money, and it’s very suitable for social media where you can simply keep your link in your bio. It’s easy for people to see these links, and they don’t really need additional information to be convinced into clicking them.

If you’re a blogger, then you can still use these links, but you’re better suited to affiliate programs that centre around specific products or tasks. For example, an Amazon affiliate link for a product fits well on a blog page. You can write a blog loosely related to the product, and then link to it seamlessly. Let’s say the product is a vacuum cleaner, you can write a blog about decluttering your home and mention how beneficial this vacuum cleaner is and that it will save time, convincing people to click the link and buy it.

You can see two different ways of promoting affiliate links here, and two different examples of programs that suit them best.

What Does Your Content Focus On?

Regardless of if you’re a blogger or social media influencer, you must take your content into account when finding an affiliate marketing program. This will help you differentiate the worthwhile ones from the ones that simply aren’t a match for you.

Think about your core audience and the content you produce. Are you a fitness blogger, do you write financial posts, are you someone that reviews films or restaurants? Whatever it is you do, you should find an affiliate program that focuses on the same thing.

For example, at WOW TRK we often work with companies that have affiliate programs focusing on contests, etc. This type of program is great if you find a contest that aligns with your content. Let’s say you review technology, then we have offers from affiliate programs that give you links to win a TV or set of headphones. It’s the perfect partnership as you can review the tech then link to the contest for people to try and win it.

This is just one example, but the point is that the affiliate marketing program that’s right for you will depend on the content you produce.

Key Things To Look For In The Right Affiliate Marketing Program

Obviously, your website and brand are important when finding the right program. However, there are some things to look for in affiliate marketing programs to determine if they’re good or not.

  1. Cookie Duration: how long does the affiliate program keep your cookie active for? This means how long after someone clicks your link can you still earn commission? Some only last 24 hours while others are up to 30 days.
  2. Payment: try and find a program that offers immediate payments at the end of each month.
  3. Promotion: is the promotion any good? Will it draw people in and make them want to click? If not, then this program isn’t good for you.

To summarise; what affiliate program is right for you? Well, you want one that aligns with your brand and is easy to promote. It should fit the medium by which you’re promoting it too – be it social media or a website. Finally, it should offer great cookie duration, instant payments, and have a good promotion. Combine all of this, and you’ll find one right for you.

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