Our 10 favourite affiliate marketing books

Affiliate marketing is gaining traction and becoming more mainstream as others try to leverage the concept. To get on top of the game, fast, you need to do your research and know exactly what’s going on. These affiliate marketing books can give you a firm grounding in the subject and quickly elevate your own knowledge. You might have heard of some before, but there are others for you to take a look at which can hopefully cover your knowledge gaps.

1.  Passive Income 2020 – Mark Morgan

Touted as three books in one and holding a lot more information than just affiliate marketing. Great for beginners, the guide is simple but complete and will allow you to zone in on areas of interest so that you can mark them for future research. This book gives you the choices that are available so you can choose which one fits best to your skills, time available, and abilities and get started right away. Grab it here.

2. – How To Make Money Online With Affiliate Marketing – Dion D

A book from an author who was there at the beginning. This is a book which covers a lot of aspects regarding affiliate marketing. It claims quite strongly that it can help beginners to make millions. It’s a great, inside look at the world of affiliate marketing from someone who has had a successful career with it. The book offers an inside view for you to take advantage of.

3. – Affiliate Marketing For Dummies – Ted Sudol, Paul Mladjenovic

The Ultimate beginners tool. If you know literally nothing about affiliate marketing then this is for you. The book is great at explaining the small intricacies of affiliate marketing, along with who the big players are, for newbies. The parts about how to tap into these opportunities is what makes the book useful.

4. Affiliate Marketing – Nik Neutron

This book is centered around how you can move into passive income, and then fully into financial freedom all using affiliate marketing. Affiliate Marketing includes a free training course which is designed to shift your perspective to the right focus.

5.  Passive Income Blueprint – Jacob. J Moore

It gives you a blueprint for creating a high wealth stream by generating various passive incomes across different areas. It focuses on giving you the tools to use mainstream sites to link into your affiliate marketing schemes. There are six main web based passive income streams in the book, and it means you can pick which one suits you best.

6. How to Make Money Online Right Now – Claus Manning

This one focuses on how you need to implement a strategy to ensure you plan your route to success properly. It includes tips and strategies for success in 2020, and the book also includes an all in one money making guide. A great overview for multiple streams.

7.  Passive Income – Samuel Holder

A step by step guide around how you can make money from home using multiple passive income streams. It covers a huge range of passive streams. If you already know which one you want to focus on, buy a more focused book. It’s a good read for beginners though who aren’t quite sure.

8. Passive Income Secrets 2020 – Robert Hanson

This one highlights a top ten secrets involved with securing a brilliant passive income. Again, it focuses on the main players but gives a step by step guide around how best to crack affiliate marketing. It depends if you like things in a book explained in a step by step approach way, or prefer it all laid out before you.

9. Affiliate Marketing 2020 – Christopher Clark, Adam Preace

An up to date book focusing on affiliate marketing in 2020. The book outlines the different affiliate marketing opportunities which are prominent in 2020. It gives you tips on how to select a niche which suits you, and also gives many mistakes and pitfalls which you need to avoid at all costs. Good if you’re really sure affiliate marketing is for you.

10. Blogging For Profit 2019, 2020 – Don Porter

Blogging for profit is a book which explains exactly what blogging can do if you set out to make a complete profit. If you want to focus on blogging, this is the one for you. It specifically outlines how you can avoid blogging mistakes, WordPress, Google Analytics and Keyword research, plus lots of other key aspects that are vital to finding success as a blogger. It helps you dive right in so that you can get to grips with blogging right away instead of taking the piecemeal approach. 

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