6 Tips for Increasing Email Open Rates

Below are some tips for increasing email open rates – unfortunately we can’t guarantee these will work for all lists, but they should hopefully improve your email open rates.

1) Keep The Subject Line Short
Some email providers will trim the subject line. Keep it short so that it can all be seen and read quickly.

2) Use Your List Name as Your ‘From Name’
Putting the name of your list/website as your from name lets people know who the email is from.

3) A/B Split Test
Split test subject lines and days/times you send emails to see which works best.

4) List Quality is Important
Make sure you don’t have loads of invalid email addresses that hard bounce. If you find users are entering invalid email addresses, it might be a good idea to make your sign up process Double Opt-In.

5) Avoid The ‘Spam’ Folder
Try to avoid spam phrases, too many !!! and all capital letters. Also use an Email Service Provider which has good deliverability.

6) Regularly Send Out Emails
Its important to regularly send out emails so your users don’t forget who you are. Also if you regularly send out on a specific day or date, your users will be expecting your email.

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