5 Ways to be More Productive in the Office

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5 Ways to be more productive in the office, in no particular order.

1. Start your morning well.
The mornings can be a killer and you don’t want to start work feeling drowsy. To tackle this – Take a shower in the morning to make you feel fresh, pop the kettle on and have a cup of tea or coffee to perk you up. Make sure you have breakfast! Working without energy drains you, leaves you tired and makes your morning feel like they last a lifetime so be sure to whack out the Weetabix.

2. Organise
When you first sit at your desk make sure you have everything you need- note pads, pens, your favourite mug etc. Plan your routine and tasks that you have to do. Here at WOW we use Asana to keep on top of our tasks and to keep stress down to a minimum.

3. Prioritize
This one is a biggie, prioritizing your work is efficient and will make your day a lot easier. Sort out which tasks need more attention, don’t panic that the printer has no paper, there’s a client that needs your help! Section your work in categories of importance and prioritize based on ROI.

4. Take Breaks
You need to take breaks to refresh as your brain can only concentrate effectively for so long, especially when looking at long walls of text like this one, so you may want to take a break now. Breaks don’t have to be long, here’s some ideas you could do:
Stand up and do a lap of the office.
Look out the window for a minute.
Lay back and relax for a minute (Don’t fall asleep!).
Stretch and work your muscles.

5. Don’t Multitask
Multitasking can get you very stressed and confused. Do your tasks 1 by 1, if you multitask you will end up forgetting what you’re doing with one thing and not completing another. You may feel like you’re working slower going through tasks 1 by 1, but it’s more efficient and you won’t be ripping your hair out (less haste more gain).

Now you can enjoy your day and be more productive! Hooray!

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