5 Ways To Generate Leads As An Affiliate Marketer

As an affiliate marketer you are certainly not limited to one method of generating leads. A lot of newbies assume that the best and only way to drive traffic to your affiliate offers, is via your website. Whilst the natural rankings of your website will help a lot in generating sales or leads, there are plenty of other ways you can promote offers.


Social Media

Social media is growing every day and as a society we continue to spend vast amounts of time on social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. Because of this, social media is a goldmine for affiliate marketers. All these people in one place, with easy targeting based on age, location and interests, means that social media should be the first place you start to grow your online community. Use these platforms to drive engagement around your brand, as well as deliver traffic and leads to your desired affiliate offers.

Email Marketing

Many affiliate offers allow you to promote them via email marketing, to your list of prospects. Sometimes this involves using their approved email creative, but other times you have free reigns to create something unique and eye-catching. Split testing, as well as learning from the results of each campaign, will help you refine your approach and increase the leads you generate.

Video Marketing

Video converts extremely well; as a consumer it’s easier to digest information when it comes in video form and it’s often more entertaining, which leads to a higher conversion rate. If you’re not comfortable talking about or reviewing offers in videos, then try putting together an animation or slideshow clip using free tools such as Animoto.

Content Marketing

Use the content on your website to convince, educate and inform your visitors about the product or service you are trying to push. Do not underestimate the power of the written word. A well structured article review with a strong call-to-action, can drive readers to your affiliate offers in no time at all.

PPC (Pay Per Click) Advertising

PPC advertising on popular search engines is another option that can help drum up some traffic to your website. There are a few rules when it comes to PPC, such as, you always need to have your own website to direct the traffic to and your website can’t just act as a ‘bridge page’ to the advertisers website. Think about using PPC to get more people to your website and then capture those visitors via email subscriptions or other methods, to market to later.

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