5 Affiliate Sites/Forums to Learn From

The best place to learn about affiliate marketing is the place where it was born; the internet. If you’re looking for a place to learn, then there are hundreds of communities and websites out there that will teach you everything from the basics to niche tips that will greatly improve your chances of running a successful online empire. If you’re curious and want to empower yourself with knowledge, then here are five of the top affiliate sites and forums that you can learn from.

1. WickedFire.com

WickedFire is a fantastic place to learn about online business and marketing. Unlike many other forums, WickedFire is known for being ruthless, but it’s because many of their members are actually making money and sharing their secrets. The focus of WickedFire is simple; to make money. There’s no sugar-coating anything and you’re thrust straight into the deep end with nothing to help you out.

The demographic here is what makes WickedFire different. If you approach WickedFire and ask silly questions then you’re going to get burned and people will ridicule you. However, if you put your head down and work hard and listen to people, then you’re going to quickly become a pro at internet marketing and you’ll be able to answer questions of your own.

2. AffiliateFix.com

Touted as the most active and friendliest affiliate marketing community, AffiliateFix is one of the most popular places to get started with affiliate marketing. The “friendly” aspect is incredibly important because the world of online income generation can be ruthless. Everyone’s trying to get a piece of the digital income pie and this can usually result in arguments, a lot of talking down and even direct lies in an attempt to steer people away from the pot of gold waiting for them.

Thankfully, AffiliateFix tries to avoid all of the drama and focuses on trying to boost your affiliate marketing opportunities. The forum is split into multiple sections and has a handy “getting started” section for people who are new to affiliate marketing. There are simple explanations, introductions and a newbie helpdesk forum to help newcomers.

In addition, there are plenty of success stories and case studies for you to study in addition to all of the questions that are thrown around to empower your knowledge.

3. WarriorForum.com

WarriorForum has a slightly different format and is said to be one of the world’s largest marketing marketplaces. The posting structure feels like a community similar to Reddit more than just a forum, but that doesn’t change how useful the site can be at learning. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned veteran at internet marketing, you’re going to find something useful here at WarriorForum.

While WarriorForum might be declining due to the popularity of other alternatives, there are many useful nuggets of information here and it’s set out in an easy-to-read format with lots of friendly members that will help you ease into the world of marketing.

4. CharlesNgo.com

Charles Ngo is a well-known affiliate marketer that created a 7-figure company by the time he turned 30. These credentials make him a trustworthy teacher when it comes to affiliate marketing and his website promises to teach you the most important points that will turn your attempts into successes.

He focuses on the top mistakes that new affiliate marketers use and he speaks about the most important variables that determine success. Ngo also speaks about his schedule to give readers insight into how his day goes and even goes as far to give examples of how he accomplishes his work. It sounds like a lot to take in, but luckily, there are free lessons that will give you a taste of what Ngo is capable of.

With over 40,000 internet marketers in the community, it’s certainly one that will stick around for a long period of time, making it well worth the investment.

5. WOWTrk.com

We couldn’t make a list of sites without mentioning ourselves! We recently launched the WOW TRK ‘Affiliate University’ which will teach you all about the basics of affiliate marketing. It is also worth checking out our Tutorials and Business Tips sections on our blog as we regular update these with tips and guides related to affiliate marketing.

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