3 Ways to Monetise Your Website

Are you interested in learning how to make money from a website? Look no further, we’re about to share three effective ways to start monetising the traffic that your website is already receiving. If you own a blog, or any other type of website, you have the opportunity to start turning your visitors in to active consumers, and getting paid as a result.

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Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is an attractive way to make money using your website. It doesn’t require you to manage stock, or the general logistics that usually come with selling something online. As a publisher, you can promote a range of different offers that fit within the niche of your website or blog, by displaying various banners and links.

If you promote a product on behalf of an Advertiser, you will earn a commission for every sale you generate through your website (CPS), but Affiliate Marketing does not limit you to only sales based commission. WOW Trk Affiliates’ have access to a huge variety of CPL (cost per lead) offers, where you can earn money for getting your visitors to sign-up or register their interest in a particular service. You are paid for every ‘lead’ you generate as opposed to every sale.

Google Adsense

An extremely popular method of monetising traffic, is by utilising the Google Adsense programme. You simply display advertisement banners on your website and earn a small amount of money each time a visitor clicks on the ad. Every advert is contextually targeted to your visitors, based on their previous web-browsing activity. This means that click-throughs are increased because the ads are extremely relevant to each individual visitor. As a publisher, Google Adsense requires very little effort from your side since targeting and updating is automated by Google.

Sponsored Ad Listings

Business owners will pay you to showcase their adverts on your web page. This is more common for websites that get a lot of traffic, you can charge a fee for a weekly listing and include a number of adverts down the right-hand side of your website. Think of it as renting out your website space. There is slightly more effort involved in this method because you need to source the advertisements yourself, change them manually when the listing period has ended and ensure they are up-to-date if the Advertiser requests any changes.

There are many other ways you can make money on online, especially if you have a website. The three we have mentioned are some of the most popular techniques used today, but remember that your focus should always be on the quality of your content and the user experience. Too many advertisements can make your website unappealing to new visitors.

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