The 3 Biggest Mistakes Made by New Affiliates

Unfortunately, many new affiliates expect instant results. This is simply unrealistic, especially  if you’re new to the process. The only way in which you will see instant results is if you already have a high-quality website that receives a huge amount of targeted traffic. If this is the case, chances are some of that traffic will convert into sales and leads almost immediately.  This brings us on to the first big mistake new affiliates make.

Giving Up After the First Hurdle

There is a lot of false information out there and because of this, many people get frustrated when they aren’t raking it in after the first month. Giving up, like anything in life, is not the answer. Affiliate marketing takes time and commitment. Those first early leads can turn into considerably higher commissions if you just stick with it.

Neglecting the Whole Marketing Mix

As an affiliate marketer, in time you learn to become a well-rounded digital marketer. This includes learning about SEO, social media marketing, email marketing, content marketing etc,. Neglecting areas that could otherwise be very profitable is another mistake new affiliates make.

It’s a smart move to choose a focus and make that the driving force of your strategy, but don’t forget to explore other channels to get the most out of each programme. You will quickly find that some affiliate programs perform better via social promotion, some convert well on email and others are intended for the content on your website.

On WOW Trk  you can clearly see on each offer page which methods of promotion are allowed or prohibited. If you’d like some advice about where to start, or which marketing channels are converting the best, please get in touch with your Affiliate Manager. You can find their contact details in your affiliate account.

Not Understanding Your Niche

If you’re a new affiliate with a pre-existing blog/website, you probably already know a great deal about your niche. If you’ve just started out with the sole purpose of setting up a new blog for affiliate marketing, you might need to do some further research.

It’s crucial you understand who your audience is, what they are looking for and how you can provide it through your on-site content. If you can’t describe your target visitors and you don’t know enough about the niche, how can you provide them with informative, entertaining content that keeps them interested?
We strongly advise having a browse through our WOW Trk blog and learning more about affiliate marketing. We have useful guides and explanations on every area of digital marketing. So get stuck in and start learning how to become the ultimate affiliate.

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