ZipRecruiter – Android – US – CPA

Offer ID: 29135

ZipRecruiter is one of the biggest recruitment firms in the US.

Pixel fires – when a user installs, opens the app, registers an account and ether applies for their first job as a brand new applicant or re-engages and applies as a pre-exisiting job seeker.

Performance KPIs

– Soft KPI – Install to Application Submitted Targeted at over 5%
– Soft KPI – Job Seeker Registration to Application Submitted Targeted at over 65%

Compliance KPIs

– Traffic with a CTI rate lower than 0.1 percent is deemed potentially less acceptable traffic and may be charged back.

– Installs that occur less than 10 seconds after the associated click may be charged back.

– At least 50 percent of installs must occur within one hour of the click or traffic may be charged back.

Restrictions – No Adult, No Incent, Over 18’s Only.

Offer information last updated on 31st May 24.

Offer Details
Countries AcceptedUSA
Session Lifespan720 hours
Expiration Date11st July 2043
CategoryEducation & Kids
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