Get Your Offers Listed on the Offer Engine

Get your offers in front of thousands of affiliates with an Offer Engine listing pass.

Affiliates use the Offer Engine every day to discover new programs to run from multiple networks and to compare payout rates of similar offers. With an Offer Engine listing pass you can list your affiliate offers from you program or network on the Offer Engine for Affiliates to discover and run directly with you.

Start growing the traffic to your affiliate offers today by advertising with WOW TRK. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact the advertising team to discuss further.

Screenshot example of the Offer Engine

The Offer Engine. Try it out here.

Choose how you would like to advertise your offers.

Manual Listing Pass

List up to 25 offers manually on the Offer Engine.

  • Huge Exposure – Get your offers in front of thousands of WOW TRK visitors. Hyper-relevant traffic.
  • Fully control your listings – You manually add all your offer listings giving you full control over how they appear on the Offer Engine.
  • Offer data not automatically kept in sync. You must keep offer information up to date from your account.
  • No dedicated account manager but our support team is still on hand 5 days a week.

Alternatively pay $34 monthly

Automatic Offer Sync Pass

List up to 500 offers via API on the Offer Engine.

  • Huge Exposure – Get your offers in front of thousands of WOW TRK visitors. Hyper-relevant traffic.
  • Integration with your API – We will integrate our platform with your affiliate API at no extra charge.
  • Automatically in Sync – Offer information is kept up to date automatically. We check for changes daily.
  • Dedicated Account Manager – Talk to our team to get advice on getting the most out the platform and tips on optimising your offers for the absolute best performance.

Alternatively pay $89 monthly

Need to list more than 500 offers? Contact us to discuss a price.

2-Year Pass – Get up to 500 offers listed on the Offer Engine for 2 years for just $539.

What is the Offer Engine?

The Offer Engine is a free tool for affiliates to search for offers (also known as campaigns) across multiple networks. Affiliates use the Offer Engine to discover new offers by utilising our unique advanced search and to compare payouts across multiple networks. Affiliates can also easily keep track of offers they plan to run across multiple networks by saving offers to their account offer list.

Advertising on the Offer Engine is a great way to recruit new affiliates by showcasing all your offers in front of thousands of affiliates. It also serves as a great way to increase business with existing affiliates by making it easier for them to find your offers when they are looking for new offers to run.

How does listing work?

We have two options for listing your offers on the Offer Engine. If you operate a small network or program you can manually list your offers on WOW TRK by adding them through the account portal and manually keeping the offer information up to date. For larger networks we offer integration via your API to automatically keep your offers in sync on the Offer Engine, we check for changes via your API every 24 hours.

What is the minimum term to list?

The minimum term is just one month. You can cancel your listing pass at any time before your renewal date. To cancel your listing pass simply contact us to let us know or follow the cancellation link in any receipt email we’ve sent to you.