World of Warships Invite Bonus Tier 3 cruiser Charleston

Offer Description:

The World of Warships offer is a part of an in-house Wargaming affiliate program and allows to make big money for user acquisition in the popular PC game on profitable terms.

Geos: worldwide offer with one link. 

Conversion flow: The Program works on the CPA basis. The action (conversion) is a free SOI registration in the desktop game World of Warships

High CR (7-35%) and CPA rates (up to $11). Last year income of some of our affiliates reached above $500k!

The offer includes the invite code for the new players only:

  • Tier 3 American premium cruiser Charleston
  • Commander with 10 skill points
  • Port slot
  • 7 days of Warships premium account
  • 5x American Cruisers containers

End of the code lifetime is December 31, 2021.

World of Warships description

World of Warships is a massively multiplayer online game. Players are invited to become commanders of their very own warship and amass a great naval fleet of 200+ recreated vessels from the first half of the 20th Century. More information on:

Offer Additional Terms

Cookies lifetime: 30 days Restrictions: desktop traffic only;
mobile traffic is forbidden.
Cap of 30 conversions in total for the new publishers before moderation.
Registration made by users who jumped to the sites of Wargaming projects are not taken into account if they arrive from: search systems (Google AdWords, Yandex, Yahoo! Search Marketing, Microsoft ad Center, etc.); social networks, e.g. Facebook (if it has not been mutually coordinated) (this refers to Facebook paid ads. Advertising on a the partners Facebook page or influencer Facebook page is allowed); redirection without being confirmed by the user; doorways without a gateway page; spam sent by email; web pages, instant messages and so on; confusing adverts; adult and incent traffic, cashback sites.

Offer information last updated on 9th Jul 21.

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Offer Details
Countries AcceptedUSA UK
Session Lifespan1 month
Expiration Date
PreviewPreview URL
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In-house affiliate program from the direct advertiser Wargaming, that is the award-winning online game developer, one of the leaders in the free-to-play MMO market.

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