Hemkop (SE) (CPL) (Personal Approval)

Offer ID: 42801

Description: Win a Hemkop voucher 

Requirements: User registration – complete form (SOI)

Allowed Methods of Promotion: Desktop, Mobile, Email, Search, Pop, Push, Social

Restrictions: No Incent, No Adult, No Fraud, No Bot, No Content Locking, No Misleading

Offer Additional Terms


No underage users
 No misleading advertising such as false promises
No ads/text/creatives mentioning anything related to any pandemic issues (COVID-19, SARS, MERS, ETC)
No misleading texts, for pre-landers, WhatsApp and/or Facebook traffic, please send the ads/texts/creatives for approval before running them
Publisher breaching these terms risk not being paid.
Publisher may add another pixel (e.g. Facebook pixel) in addition to postback pixel with a note that we will only refer to the conversion shown in our platform (based on postback pixel)

Offer information last updated on 16th Apr 24.

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