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Offer Terms and Conditions No incentive traffic is allowed (unless previously agreed and signed off by your Encknet Network Account Manager). Any traffic that is found to come from an incentive source that is not signed off will be rejected and the affiliate may be removed from the campaign. Fraudulent activity is taken seriously and any traffic that is deemed to be fraudulent will be terminated and result in the affiliate being removed from the campaign and potential suspension or expel from the network. All activity must be approved by an Account Manager any unapproved traffic may be rejected. All Email, Creatives Proof must be sent for approval for all offers that required proof. Conversions without proof or placement been approved will be rejected All Creatives should be sent to [email protected] with the Offer Id and inform your Account Manager Description Conversion Point: Pixel fires on full form submit. Demo Info: Homeowners in specific markets (See zip list) All leads must : (1) Have expressed interest in speaking to a solar expert about Residential Solar Products; (2) Contain the following information: first name, last name, full address including zip, telephone number, average monthly electric bill, shading, utility provider; (3) Be a homeowner, reside in a single family dwelling within a serviceable zip code or serviceable utility (such lists to be provided by AskSolar from time to time), not be on a discount rate (i.e. not on a medical rate or other discount program with their utility provider), and have a minimum average electric bill of $100 per month. Guidelines for advertorials, creatives: Prohibited solar language: Do not say “Get a free Tesla power wall." Do not use “Get paid $2500" (or ANY number back) for any kind of test or new program. Do not say “get solar at no cost.” Do not say “get free installation.” Government is not paying to install solar panels so do not make it seem like they are. NOTHING about solar is free - do not make it seem like it is. Alternate: “Get paid up to $4,517 in Government incentives when you switch to solar” “Simple, hassle free, and cost nothing up front to get started." "Get Solar at no cost to you." "The Federal Government will pay you back thousands for switching to solar” “Get instant access to Government Incentives which will pay you back thousands while there is still time." "Solar incentives will be phased out soon so click below before it’s too late.”

Offer information last updated on 14th Jul 24.

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Expiration Date18th April 2026
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