Small Changes to Advertiser Terms & Conditions

Its been over a year since we last updated our Advertiser Terms & Conditions, as we always have done in the past we are posting about these changes on the blog and an email will be sent out to all Advertisers informing them of these changes so they are fully aware of the changes coming into effect on the 22nd July 2016.

You can see a full copy of the new Advertiser Terms & Conditions here: [link no longer available]

However to save re-reading the terms, we have summarised the changes to the terms below:

NEW: Exclusivity Term (4.7)
The below term only applies if you have agreed that your offer is Exclusive to the WOWTRK network.

4.7 If any Insertion Order states that exclusivity is applicable, the following apply:

4.7.1 During the term of the Insertion Order and for three months thereafter, the Advertiser shall not permit any advertising of any nature to be placed with any other affiliate network, meaning any organisation which acts as an intermediary between advertisers and third party publisher websites.

4.7.2. Subject to the Advertiser’s compliance with this agreement, during the term, and in respect, of that Insertion Order, the Advertiser is entitled to the benefits associated with exclusivity as stated on the Company’s website as at the date of the Advertiser’s signature of the Insertion Order. The Advertiser acknowledges that the same benefits may not necessarily to apply to future Insertion Orders and it is the Advertiser’s responsibility to check the benefits applicable to exclusivity in respect of such future Insertion Orders before signing same.

4.7.3. If the Advertiser breaches clause 4.7.1:

(a) the Company shall be entitled to terminate this agreement forthwith by giving notice in Writing to the Advertiser; and

(b) the Advertiser shall be liable to pay damages of £30 per day to the Company, which sum represents a genuine pre-estimate of the Company’s losses arising from such breach and the Company shall be entitled deduct such damages from any Fees held by the Company.

UPDATED: Payment Term (6)
The wording in term 6.4 has been updated and improved to be clear on fees that will be charged if the Advertiser website is for example unavailable or tracking is removed. The full updated term is below.

6.4 The Advertiser shall remain responsible for the payment of fees for an Event, which may have been delivered to the Advertiser website, notwithstanding that any of following has occurred:
a. The Advertiser’s website is unavailable for any reason;
b. the Advertiser removes tracking on its server; or
c. any other action is taken by the Advertiser without prior notice to the Company which would otherwise prevent delivery of Events to the Advertiser
in accordance with the average click to conversion ratio applicable to all of the Advertiser’s campaigns via the Affiliate Network until the date of the relevant Advertiser action.


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