Affiliate Marketing Terminology

I have been compiling a list of affiliate marketing terms for a while now, I decided instead of just being able to email it when someone asks about a specific term or terms – I would post it on the blog. Hopefully some new and existing affiliates/advertisers will find this list useful!

CPM Cost Per Thousand Impressions
NET 30 Payment 30 days after month end
EPC (average) Earnings Per Click
PPC Pay Per Click (advertising)
SOI Single Opt In (user does NOT need to confirm email)
DOI Double Opt In (user MUST confirm email)
ROI Return On Investment
Geo-Targeting Targeted to a set of specific countries
Affiliate Link A URL tracking link that identifies the affiliate and sends traffic to the advertiser’s web site
CTR Click-Through Ratio (percentage of visitors who see the ad & click-through)
Conversion Rate Percentage of clicks that convert to a sale/lead
Impressions Refers to the number of times a banner ad or web site page is viewed.
SEO Search Engine Optimisation (refining of your site to perform better in search engine rankings)
Viral Marketing The rapid adoption of a product or passing on of an offer to friends and family through word-of-mouth (or word-of-email) networks. Any advertising that propagates itself the way viruses do.
URL Website link/web address
Sub ID Used to track optional information. For example a network might let you place &subid= on the end after the = sign you could put WOWFreebies so we know any traffic from that link came from that website.
CMS Content Management System (e.g. WordPress)
Super Affiliate An affiliate that makes lots of money compared to normal affiliates
Banner Advertising banner to go on websites.
CPL Cost Per Lead (as examples: a sign up to a website, newsletter etc)
Mailer Email Creative (a template to use when sending out an email for an offer)
LP Landing Page
Landing Page This is the website/page the user will be taken to for the offer/campaign.
CPA Cost Per Action (this means the visitor/user must complete an action, e.g. sign up for a free trial in order for the advertiser to incur a cost)
CPC Cost Per Click (when a visitor/user clicks on an ad the advertiser pays for the click, incurs a cost)
CPS Cost Per Sale (when a user/visitor purchases an item the advertiser incurs a cost)
Creatives Images/banner ads/email templates/text ad etc
EDM Email Creative
Affiliates / Publishers Affiliates are generally website owners, or email list owners. They advertise the advertisers offers.
Advertisers / Merchants Advertisers list their site, maybe for a specific offer/deal or just the website in general and pay a commission per lead/action/sale/click depending on what model they want to pay on.

This is my own list which I have compiled. It is important to note that this information might not be 100% accurate and some networks/affiliates/advertisers/companies might use terms differently to how we use them at WOW Trk.

If you feel I have explained any terms incorrectly or you are unsure about a term, please do let me know.

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