Mobile Phone Affiliate Networks

The use of mobile devices to access the Internet has dramatically increased in recent years and this astronomical growth is showing no signs of slowing down. According to many recent estimates, smartphones account for nearly 30% of all web traffic and tablet devices like Apple’s iPad account for a further 7%. When taken together, this means that web access on mobile devices generates about half the traffic that is found through a traditional desktop environment. That’s incredibly substantial!

With more and more people surfing the web, connecting on social media and shopping online through their smartphones and tablets, it has become absolutely imperative that mobile phone affiliate networks enter into the discussion for any success Internet marketer. WOW TRK is dedicated to this growing trend and aims to empower its affiliates to tap into advertising on mobile phones and tablets.

It is estimated that marketers will spend over $30 billion in mobile advertising in the United States alone by the year 2017, not even accounting for the mobile advertising that is conducted in other parts of the connected world like Europe, the UK, Asia, Australia and Canada. Mobile phone affiliate networks like WOW TRK play a major role in this growth, as vendors and advertisers are increasingly looking to mobile for customer acquisition.

Affiliate Mobile Phones
As an international affiliate network with offers and brands to shout about, WOW TRK heavily supports mobile advertising for its affiliates. WOW TRK boasts hundreds of mobile-optimized affiliate offers that are applicable to many countries around the world and approach a broad range of industry verticals.

The types of online activities that users perform on their smartphones and tablets are just as varied as what they do on their desktop and laptop computers. The offers as part of the WOW TRK catalog reflect this kind of variety, empowering affiliates to promote anything from mobile poker and mobile casinos to a range of personal services and paid surveys online.

The nature of the Internet as it exists today demands that nearly every website offer a mobile-optimized version or feature a responsive design that can be easily navigated and used on the smaller, touch-enabled display of a contemporary smartphone or tablet. The mobile-optimized offers of WOW TRK are similarly adaptive, giving affiliates the tools that they need to generate the most traffic and earn the greatest revenue from visitors who are on the Internet on their mobile devices.

Mobile Phone Affiliate Deals
WOW TRK is proud to provide such a huge mobile inventory filled with a great variety of mobile-friendly offers for affiliates. Indeed, over 80% of offers in the inventory are mobile friendly, even if they are not necessarily optimized for mobile. Smartphones represent such an integral and central part of the modern lives of people clear across the globe and mobile access to the Internet has actually overtaken traditional desktop access in certain countries already.

The mobile-minded dedication of WOW TRK is not limited only to advertising mobile phones and working with mobile traders either. The platform itself is incredibly mobile-friendly, facilitating the growing desire among affiliate marketers and online professionals on the go who still need full access to their accounts, statistics, performance reports and offer lists.

Affiliate marketers who sign up with WOW TRK can expect to get access to a wide range of top performing offers that can be easily implemented into websites, email marketing lists, social media marketing campaigns, search engine marketing plans and more. Expect nothing less from one of the best mobile phone affiliate networks on the Internet today with dedicated affiliate managers, high payouts, and real time analytics.