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Allowed media types: Desk-Social Desk-Pops Desk-Display Desk-Search.Users can create an account and search for jobs in their area.

Converts on 2nd page form submit – CPL.

Initial test cap of 100 leads/publisher until quality is assessed.
Promoting on advertise.com is not allowed. Daily click volume in excess of 200,000 with a click to install rate of less than 0.01% is considered fraudulent and will be subject to immediate blacklisting.

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Advertiser may charge back Invalid Leads, defined as any lead that: (i) is a duplicate of a prior lead; (ii) contains an email address that is hard-bounced back.(iii) fraudulent or invalid credit card information.

Initial test cap of 100 leads/publisher until quality assessment.

Offer information last updated on 28th May 24.

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Countries AcceptedUSA
Session Lifespan720 hours
Expiration Date4th January 2031
CategoryEducation & Kids
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