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Vexcash helps you to keep financial control in the event of unforeseen, short-term, financial shortages until the next time you receive your money.
Vexcash uses innovative technology as well as new credit criteria and thus enables a fast and reliable payment for customers with medium credit ratings.

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BONI* Bonuses + package – the credit certificate
The Vexcash Credit Certificate® allows customers who do not receive short-term credit due to their average scoring at classic banks to still borrow money. Increase the credit line for your microcredit now. There are no initial costs. No risk!

The fees are only payable on a successful payment of the loan.

Express Option
If you book the Express option, you will receive your approved loan credited to your German account within the same working day. As a rule, the credit will be taken in 60 minutes. *

* In a German checking account. Prerequisite: You have completed the video identification and online signature directly after the application has been submitted. Monday to Friday until 15 o'clock.

2RATE* Rate option
With the 2-rate option, you can borrow more money. Notwithstanding our standard term, you have the option of repaying your short-term loan comfortably and flexibly in 2 equal installments over 60 days.

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Offer information last updated on 28th May 24.

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