Survey Fedex (US) (CPL)

Offer ID: 51768

Description: Survey Fedex

Requirements: Customer need to fill the questionnaire and pay the shipping cost using Credit Card

Allowed Methods of Promotion: All Traffic Allowed

Restrictions: No In app, No Preloading, No Offerwall, No Video, No Rewarded Video, No Search, No Incent, No Adult trafic, No VPN, No Proxy, No Click Spamming, No Click Injection

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From Lines: 

Approved From Lines
Dear Shopper Feedback
Dear Shopper Gift Card Chance
Dear Shopper Gift Opportunity
User Opinion Requested
Consumer Survey
Consumer Feedback
Customer Survey
Customer Feedback
Open Immediately!
Thank you! 

Subject Lines: 

Approved Subject Lines
Leave your feedback and you could WIN!
Congratulations! You can get a $100 gift card!
BONUS: $100  Gift Card Opportunity
Shopper, You can qualify to get a $100 gift card!
Claim Your Hundred Dollar Offer
Claim Your Hundred Dollar Reward
Confirmed: Your Hundred  Dollar gift Offer
Confirmed: Your Hundred  Dollar gift Reward
Your Hundred  Dollar gift Offer Is Waiting
CONGRATS! You Can Get $100 Rewards
Congrats! You've Been Selected For $100 Reward
Few People Know How to Save with Free Samples
You're Invited: To Redeem Your $100 Reward
Did you forget? Your $100 Reward Is Waiting
Survey for a $100 Reward. Participation Required.
Gift Rewards - $100 Value. Participation Required
$100 Reward. Participation Required
Extended for a day! Get Your $100 Reward...
Last Chance! Be Sure To Grab Your $100 Reward...
We Want Your Thoughts! Claim Your Hundred Dollar Reward
Your Opinion is Important! Take This Survey to Claim Your $100 Reward
$100 in Exclusive Rewards - Provide Your Opinion Now!
30 Seconds Will Reward You With $100 in Exclusive Rewards
Congratulations! A Hundred reward has arrived!
Your reward - Open immediately!
Congrats! You've received a  $100 reward
We have an important message for you!
We have been trying to reach you - Please respond!
Open Immediately!
Your Participation is Needed!
You are eligible!
Please respond

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Offer information last updated on 19th Jun 24.

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