Spicy Jackpots Casino (INTL) (CPA)

Offer ID: 51761

Description: Spicy Jackpots Casino

Requirements: €20 Baseline | €10 Min Deposit required to trigger CPA

Allowed Methods of Promotion: Email, Display, SMS

Restrictions:To specify min deposit amount to trigger CPA – Incentivised/motivated traffic – Fraudulent traffic – Illegal traffic (under 18, distasteful sites etc)

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From Lines:

Casino Exclusive
Casino Special
Special Deal
Special Offer
Exclusive Offer
Slots Casino
Special Casino Promo
Casino Promotion

Subject Lines:

Limited time offer – 400% off €2,000 + 100 FS, Play with code: SPICY1!
Hurry Limited offer, 400% off €2,000 offer available on first deposit and 100 FS.
Play with 100 free spins and get 400% discount on €2,000 on your first deposit. Use code SPICY1!!
Welcome Bonus Offer, 400% off €2,000 offer, available on first deposit, use code – SPICY1.
400% discount on €2,000 + 100 FS. Limited Time First Deposit Offer!!
400% discount from €2,000 with 100 FS, use code SPICY1. for the first deposit.
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Mailer Access Key: https://www.affiliateaccesskey.com/m-qmsw-p65-5c3cd58af35e7a65ddb9da3bab3077a6
Optout Link: https://www.marstwoseven.com/o-qmsw-p65-9e14888aeb0de2828eac045bf8db8db1

Offer information last updated on 4th Jul 24.

Offer Details
Countries AcceptedUK New Zealand Germany Canada
Session Lifespan1y
Expiration Date
CategoryGambling, Shopping & Retail
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