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Offer ID: 1175 is the authority and industry leader in Dating Up™. This CPA offer: Flat rate of $140 per First time Purchase of a Subscription on, as tracked and attributed via the Everflow Platform. Bonuses, based on volume, can take this north of $150 per new Subscription created! Why Should You Promote Seeking? Monthly or Bi-Monthly payments! – Over 40 Million+ Global Members on! – Pays $140 (or more) per first purchase for each Successful Male Member Affiliate Program Benefits: – Commissionable Connections – Earn more than $150 in commissions on a single first time Successful Male Member purchase at – Intriguing Creative – Banner creative and LP assets – Millions of Attractive Women – Millions of recently active members in over 100 countries worldwide Advantages of Seeking? Bars can often be filled with shady individuals, and Hookup apps only bring about shameful regrets, and no long term benefits. eliminates all of those time-wasting situations by helping people connect with others on their terms, letting each other know exactly what it is they want from a relationship. While unorthodox compared to traditional dating courtship rules, has been getting results since its inception almost a decade ago. Help us grow our community in English speaking countries: US, Canada, UK, Australia, Ireland and even New Zealand. The affiliate program drives your audience members to a dating site devoid of the games and false pretenses that are so prevalent elsewhere. This makes for no-nonsense relationships where both participants know what to expect and what is expected of them. This program is geared towards wealthy individuals and those with exotic tastes seeking an exciting social partnership.



Offer information last updated on 28th May 24.

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