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Rent Own Club

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Do You Prefer a 2-Bedroom or a 3-Bedroom?
Low monthly rent for great homes in your zip code
LOOK: Homes in your area {{City}} you don't want to pass up
Enclosed: Great 3 and 4 Bedroom Home Options just Arrived!
Urgent: Make Sure You View These Homes Fast!
Move-In Ready Homes are NOW Available in {{City}}
Move Into This 4 Bedroom/ 3 Bath New Rent-to-Own Home This Week!
You could move in this week! Homes starting at $379/month
These {{City}} homes are move in ready - Take a look!
Guess What? New Rent to Own Homes Have Just Arrived!
These are the rent to own homes you need to see! (4 bed/3 bath options inside)
Choose Your Rent-to-Own Home NOW
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Guess What? 4 Bedroom Homes Available Today for {{First name}}
CONGRATS! You Qualify for These Homes!
Tour nearby homes {{City}} NOW! 
[Pending]: Your approval needed to tour these 2-3 bedroom homes
Zero Down Payment for select 3 bedroom homes revealed inside
These amazing home options start with $300 monthly rent
Large family homes have become available Immediately
[Breaking News] - Your mouth-watering home options are here {{City}}
February Exclusive - Ready to move in homes starting at $399/month (change month accordingly)
Luxury in an Instant: homes in {{City}} have become available Immediately

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