Oculax (Chile) eye diseases COD, prelander available, $8.5 CPA

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Dietary supplement for maintaining the health of people prone to eye diseases

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A remedy with herbal components is an additional source of useful substances, which are necessary to maintain the health of people prone to eye diseases. The components of the supplement can help increase the immune functions of the body. Oculax contains vitamins: – vitamin A (retinol) – is necessary to protect the skin and mucous membrane from lesions, to ensure vision; – Vitamin C – participates in the synthesis of the components of the intracellular matrix, which is responsible for keeping the eyeball hydrated. Its sufficient content increases the stability of other vitamins – A, E and B group compounds; – Vitamin E – stimulates the formation of new capillaries and helps improve the tone, vascular permeability, as well as blood circulation in the eyeball. Oculax is produced in a convenient dosage form — capsules.

Offer information last updated on 17th Apr 24.

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