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To understand what MyCleanPC offers, check out this YouTube video. You can also download a free trial of the software here. Below is a brief overview of MyCleanPC.


MyCleanPC is a computer optimization software that finds & repairs adware and other items that can affect browser speed, security, and general system performance.


✓ Clean Registry Issues. MyCleanPC detects and removes/repairs registry files issues as well as fixes incorrect system configurations

✓ Prevent Crashes and Freezes. MyCleanPC fixes hidden operating system issues, corrupt system files, missing DLLs, and more so you don't experience random computer crashes and freezes.

✓ Start-Up Manager. MyCleanPC will let you manage which files/applications you want your computer to open when you turn it on, and which ones you don't. The start-up manager makes this process easy with a few clicks.

✓ Automatic & Scheduled Scanning. MyCleanPC allows you to choose what day you want to scan and clean your computer. You can schedule a scan every day, once per week, or at a particular time of day.

✓ Super Easy Installation. MyCleanPC is very easy to install and only takes a few minutes. MyCleanPC is specifically designed to make the whole installation and utility process super easy.

Offer information last updated on 4th Jun 24.

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