*EXCLUSIVE* Sweeps Survey (Android) – CPL

Offer ID: 1790

Sweepstake survey with the easiest conversion flow! The user should answer all the questions. The conversion fires on the "Thank you!" page.


Offer is available under EN, ES, PT, ID, FR, PH, AR, TH, RU, JA, RO, DE, ZH, VI languages in the following countries. Also please find a preview for the landing page:




Facebook traffic is welcome! 


TOTAL per publisher 300$/pub – then pause, request the quality check and wait for the approval.



After quality approval daily cap for each geo: 500$

Daily cap for PH: 100$

Daily cap for BR: 100$

Daily cap for TH: 150$

After reaching daily cap the campaign automatically switches to Revshare mode with dynamic CPL rate. Dynamic rate depends on your traffic performance (actions/ user activity on the monetization offers after the survey) till the end of the day (EST time zone).


NO incent or motivated traffic.

NO misleading.

NO fraud.

NO bot.

NO proxy.


Only adult users (18+) are classified as leads, only unique users leads are paid.

Our recommendations

Push and pop are the best sources which showed a decent quality. For better performance target on solvent users, 18+

Offer information last updated on 10th Jul 24.

Offer Details
Countries Accepted
Session Lifespan1y
Expiration Date
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