What does CPA, CPL, CPM, CPS or CPC mean?

Affiliate offers pay in a variety of ways, the terminology of payouts can be quite confusing at first. We break down some of the most common payout models for affiliate offers below.

CPA – Cost Per Action. Affiliates are paid for a specific action. This can very a lot depending on the campaign. Some common payable actions for affiliates are a trial sign up, a deposit on a gambling site or a booking. Due to the open-ended nature of this payout model, a CPA offer may also fall under another payout model as well.

CPL – Cost Per Lead. Affiliate is paid for each lead they deliver. A lead might be a newsletter sign up, website registration or a sales enquiry. Many networks may not differentiate between CPL and CPA offers.

CPI – Cost Per Install. The affiliate is paid for each install they deliver to the advertiser. Often this is a mobile app install campaign. For example, you would be paid when you get a visitor to install a mobile app on their device.

CPC – Cost Per Click. The affiliate is paid for each click they send to the advertiser website.

CPS – Cost Per Sale. Affiliate earns commission for every sale they manage to send to the offer.

CPM – Cost Per Thousand Impressions. The affiliate is paid per thousand impressions of the marketing material e.g. a banner ad or email creative.

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