What does Conversion/Payout Cap mean on an Affiliate offer?

An affiliate offer may display a cap on a network or program’s platform. This is usually based on the amount of conversions delivered or the total amount the offer may payout. Caps can be due to advertiser budget constraints, because the advertiser is operating on a prepayment basis or because the network or program wants to limit your traffic initially to test the quality.

WIth a hard cap, once the cap is reached the offer is effectively paused and no traffic will be sent to the offer landing page until the cap is increased.

For example, if the monthly conversion cap is met for September traffic will no longer get through to the offer landing page, once October starts the offer will automatically start letting traffic through again and redirect the user to the offer landing page.

With a soft cap, traffic may still be let through to the offer’s landing page, but this doesn’t necessarily mean you will be paid for the traffic still after the cap has been met.

If you have any questions about an offer cap it is best to speak to your account representative at the network or program who will be able to clarify further with you about how their cap system works.