Gaming Affiliate Network

Online games, particularly online casual games that link up with a user’s social network, continue to gain in popularity among practically every demographic on the Internet. WOW TRK has long since recognised this growing trend and is proud to the gaming affiliate network of choice for those affiliate marketers who also want to capitalise on online gaming.

While it may have once been the case that playing computer games was primarily an area of interest among younger males, the appeal of online games has broken down many barriers with more genres and variety than ever before. Many of the most popular and most profitable games do not even require a local download, as they can be played directly in a web browser.

Person gaming in virtual reality.

These include a range of puzzle games, as well as massively multiplayer online role-playing games (MMORPGs) where users become increasingly invested in their characters and quests. This represents a steady revenue stream for game developers and publishers, and this is why they are prepared to offer fantastic payouts to those who work with a gaming affiliate network to promote their titles.

Make Money Gaming Online

In addition to the low barrier of entry by way of either browser-based games or relatively lightweight online games that are downloaded and installed on a computer, the landscape for playing computer games has also changed in that many titles no longer require a large up-front retail purchase. Instead, the free-to-play model has emerged as beneficial for all parties involved

Players can get started and try out a game for free with no initial outlay of money, developers and publishers can more easily grow their user base to bolster a title’s popularity and community, and affiliates can more easily refer more players to these titles as they may not require an initial purchase in order to generate commission.

What’s more, there are some people on the Internet who are able to make money gaming online, either through online competitions and tournaments with other players or by developing their avatars, characters and accounts to the point where they can be resold to other users. As an affiliate marketer, much money can be made by referring these types of players, as they are always looking for the next hot platform. Multiple sign-ups for multiple accounts can lead to multiple commission payouts.

Gaming Broker

When browsing through the growing number of offers in the WOW TRK gaming affiliate network category, the affiliate takes on the role similar to what may be called a gaming broker. Your social media followers, newsletter subscribers and website visitors are looking to you for recommendations for which online games to play and enjoy.

By leading them toward emerging or top online games, you are offering the additional service of curation. It can be confusing and overwhelming to look through every new online game, browser-based or otherwise, to find the ones that are the most fun, the best designed and most engaging. As a gaming broker, your recommendation points these users toward great titles and this results in sizable affiliate commissions for you.

Free Online Games

For many of the gaming affiliate offers, a commission is generated when the player completes a single opt-in, installs the game on his or her computer, or otherwise registers for an account for the game.

Again, these typically do not involve an initial purchase from the customer, meaning that earning these commissions can be a lot easier for successful affiliate marketers to promote. Very high volumes are very attainable, particularly for affiliates who already have a substantial number of social media followers or subscribers to a mailing list.

Sign up for free as a WOW TRK affiliate and gain access to one of the best gaming affiliate offers on the web. Just as your fans and readers have the opportunity to play some terrific titles and make money gaming online, you have an even greater opportunity to earn a sustainable and impressive income promoting free online games that are fun, immersive and social.