Comfort Click

If you are a content publisher with anything to help people look good or feel better, you have found the ideal partner.

We have teamed up with HasOffers to provide you with a reliable and easy way to promote our offers. Excellent tracking, multiple ways of keeping live on what you are earning and all the creatives in one place. Once approved, you will be able to select the brand and the geographical (localised) version that you want to push. Our support team is available to help you with creatives, links and pretty much anything that you may need.

  •  Generous Commission.
  •  Quick Payouts.
  •  Bonus Payments.
  •  Trust that the merchant will pay.
  •  Huge range of advertising resources.
  •  Easy reporting systems.
  •  Exclusive products.
  •  Choice of payment methods.
  •  Somebody available for you to talk to.

If you want to promote 4 different well being brands and utilize the latest in affiliate tracking from HasOffers, take a look at our offers below and then sign up.

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Offers Not currently integrated with Offer Engine.
Commission TypeCPS
Minimum Payout£100
Payment MethodsGlobal Bank Transfer
Payment TermsMonthly
Contact Info[email protected]
Year Founded2005
Country of OriginUnited Kingdom

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