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You will almost certainly have heard of an ‘affiliate network’ but what exactly is it?

An affiliate network is a group of websites and advertisers that are linked together to increase sales with targeted marketing. It works in a similar way to a group of friends recommending products and services to each other by word of mouth. But instead of word of mouth tactics affiliate networks use a system of links and buttons for the website visitor to click on.

It’s basically a great way for both advertisers to spread their web presence across the internet, and for website owners (affiliates) to generate revenue at the same time.

Affiliates pick up adverts, or links, or buttons the advertiser provides via the affiliate network. The affiliate then receives commission for specific actions depending on what the advertiser wants (for example the advertiser might want to pay for sales, leads, newsletter sign ups, clicks etc)

An affiliate network works best when the sites and advertisers have been really well researched before they are matched in the network. The tools at WOW Trk make sure that all our affiliates and advertisers gain maximum revenue and web exposure from the partnerships we create.

If a visitor is looking for a particular product and the affiliate website they are visiting does not have the exact product then the website could suggest a link to an advertisers site. This means that even when the affiliate doesn’t generate a sale they still have the opportunity to generate revenue from the click through.

WOW Trk is an affiliate network based in the UK, WOW Trk offers a great platform for both affiliates looking to make money and advertisers looking to increase their web presence and drive new sales. Our unique tools make it easier than ever to become part of a really effective and successful affiliate network.

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"I decided to start using WOW Trk after using several other WOW sites. I was impressed with the customer service and support provided in comparison to some other networks I have used. WOW Trk also has a large range of offers, retailers so is the perfect solution to earning commission. Payments are always on-time too."

Joey Stutter


"WOW Trk is an excellent affiliate network who have a huge range of different campaigns for almost any site. Matt is extremely helpful and always responds to any questions quickly and efficiently. Their system is easy to use and payments are always sent on time. I would highly recommend WOW Trk to anyone in the future."

Stephen Roper

Cash For Surveys

"Being an affiliate on WOW Trk enables us to access a diverse range of high quality campaigns, where the commission rates are highly competitive. If I require support the majority of issues will be resolved within 24 hours and it's a genuine pleasure to talk to the team, which is a rare trait amongst other affiliate networks."

Daniel Beal

Icy Media

"WOW Trk has an excellent variety of retailers for you to promote and is always adding fresh innovative new retailers for affiliates to promote. The payment to affiliates is always on time and very efficient. The customer service is very speedy and always very helpful whether the problem be technical or services there is always help at hand."

Daniel Dalley

PTM Media

"When I started as an affiliate I was introduced to WOW Trk by a friend, and I was instantly impressed by the professional support they gave me. With hours of support I am able to have problems and questions answered immediately. New merchants are continually being added to this diverse network and their tracking system, in my opinion, is one of the best in the UK."

Deepak Tailor

"I love WOW Trk, it's clearly laid out and easy to use, plus the action required for conversion is clearly defined meaning it's easier for us to generate revenue!"

Christopher Hill


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