Affiliate Offers In Singapore

Start monetising your Singapore traffic today with WOW TRK. At WOW TRK we are constantly launching new offers for you to promote around the globe including Singapore. See the current offers we have live in SG below.
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Name Description Payout Preview Expiration
FunClub - Sephora [SG] [12449]Win a $500 giftcard from Sephora£1.10Preview2021-04-23 22:59:59
FunClub - MAC [SG] [12391]Win a $500 MAC Cosmetics gift card.£1.00Preview2021-04-23 22:59:59
Diana Psychic [US, SG] [12325]Do you have a major problem to resolve? Are you worried about your love life? Is Lady Luck not smiling on you any more? Do you need help to have a better life? I am willing to reveal to you everything that is awaiting you FREE OF CHARGE. You are about to enter your RED ZONE period and this means that your life will soon be changing.£1.30Preview2022-12-21 23:59:59 [HK, SG] [12307] is at the forefront of the online dating world and offers an unmatched global reach. Launched in 1993, our company now covers more than 32 countries and offers the technology that lets members take dating further than ever. Our ambition is to connect singles no matter where they are and inspire romance on a global scale. The experience we have built since our launch has given us a real insight into what people look for when it comes to dating. We offer the most direct and successful approach to meeting singles anywhere in the world.£3.30Preview2022-12-19 23:59:59
Allen Carr's Easyway - Quit Smoking [Multi] [12229]Whether you’re smoking, vaping or vaping and smoking you carry on until you’re ready to stop. Easyway doesn’t focus on the downsides of smoking and vaping – you know all about those already. Instead the on-demand presentation answers the question, “What’s so great about being a smoker?” Understanding that is the key to being set free.22.50%Preview2022-11-24 23:59:59
Allen Carr's Easyway - Quit Caffeine [Multi] [12201]Your consumption of caffeine is the result of a confidence trick. You made the decision to start consuming it based on flawed information. You have continued to consume it based on the same misinformation combined with addiction. Escape can seem impossible. The wonderful news is that escape is actually easy if you follow some simple instructions. Get free from your addiction to caffeine.22.50%Preview2022-11-24 23:59:59
Allen Carr's Easyway - Quit Sugar [Multi] [12199]Our quit sugar on-demand service is designed to help you quit sugar easily and painlessly. Take the next step to being free.22.50%Preview2022-11-24 23:59:59
Allen Carr's Easyway - Quit Alcohol [Multi] [12197]Easyway doesn’t focus on the downsides of drinking – you know all about those already. Instead the on-demand presentation answers the question, “What’s so great about being a drinker?” Understanding that is the key to being set free.22.50%Preview2022-11-24 23:59:59
FOREO [Multi] [11921]FOREO is a leading skin-care, well-being and beauty devices designer. The LUNA™, our award-winning flagship product, is a silicone skincare device that channels pulsations in various intensity levels for facial cleansing and anti-aging. FOREO is available globally online and through premium retailers around the globe, such as Sephora, Harvey Nichols, Neiman Marcus and Barneys New York.11.25%Preview2022-12-31 23:59:59
FunClub - iPhone X [SG] [11865]Win an iPhone X£1.10Preview2021-04-23 22:59:59
FunClub - Bali Trip [SG] [11733]Win a trip to Bali£1.10Preview2021-04-23 22:59:59
Esmeralda Psychic [SG] [11725]Authentic clairvoyant and tarot reader. Multiple landing pages available.£1.25Preview2022-09-12 22:59:59
Chris Psychic Medium [SG] [11703]Your Horoscope: so accurate that it will give you goosebumps! Multiple landing pages available.£1.20Preview2022-12-31 23:59:59
FunClub - iPhone 8 [SG] [11647]Win an iPhone 8£1.10Preview2021-04-23 22:59:59
Wifi Millionaire System [Multi] [11509]Imagine: Achieve the lifestyle of your dreams while away from the stress and insecurity of your JOB! If you have a computer, a WiFi (internet) connection and a desire to change your future... This is for you!£33.50Preview2022-07-31 22:59:59
FunClub - Hong Kong Trip [SG] [11399]Win a trip to Hong Kong.£1.10Preview2021-04-23 22:59:59
FunClub - Amazon [SG] [11397]Win a $1,000 Amazon gift card£1.10Preview2021-04-23 22:59:59
SpyOff VPN [Multi] [11259]Want to surf without censorship? SpyOFF VPN makes it possible! Be safe and anonymous on the internet without losing speed! Start your free trial now!£9.90Preview2022-11-22 23:59:59 - Double Deposit [Multi] [11225]Double your First Deposit for FREE at!£40.00Preview2022-08-25 22:59:59
AVA Trade (Hybrid) [Multi] [11041]Simulate live markets and start trading immediately with $100,000 for 21 days!£5.70Preview2023-01-18 23:59:59
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