Competition CPA Affiliate Programmes

When a lead is generated for a prize draw offer, the affiliate is essentially being paid for capturing interested data that can later be used by that company moving forward. Sweepstake offers are ideal if you have a broader audience because many different age groups and people of many different interests tend to be interested in competitions and free prizes. Popular competitions include cash prizes, electronics, holidays and shopping vouchers.

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Name Description Payout Preview Expiration
FunClub - Cadbury Easter [SG] [14197]Win a Cadbury's Chocolate Hamper.£1.35Preview2020-09-30 12:00:00
FunClub - Cadbury [NZ] [14191]Win a Cadbury's Chocolate Hamper.£1.35Preview2023-03-01 23:59:59
FunClub - Victoria's Secret [SG] [14003]Win a $1000 giftcard for Victoria's Secret.£1.20Preview2023-03-01 23:59:59
FunClub - Meals Voucher [SG] [14001]Win vouchers for your favourite fast food restaurants.£1.35Preview2020-09-30 12:00:00
FunClub - Gojek credits [SG] [13999]Win $1000 Gojek credits.£1.35Preview2023-03-01 23:59:59
FunClub - Giant Chinese New Year [SG] [13885]Win a $1000 gift card.£1.35Preview2023-03-01 23:59:59
FunClub - ShengSiong Chinese New Year [SG] [13881]Shake the tree to see if you win.£1.20Preview2023-03-01 23:59:59
FunClub - iPhone XS [AU] [13543]Win an iPhone XS.£1.85Preview2020-09-30 12:00:00
FunClub - iPhone XR [AU] [13541]Win an iPhone XR.£1.85Preview2023-03-01 23:59:59
FunClub - Liqourland [AU] [13361]Win a Liqourlad voucher.£1.85Preview2020-12-31 23:59:59
FunClub - Test KitchenAid [SG] [12837]Test and keep KitchenAid£1.20Preview2023-03-01 23:59:59
FunClub - Cold Storage [SG] [12833]Win a Cold Storage voucher£1.35Preview2023-03-01 23:59:59
FunClub - Home Reno [SG] [12831]Win a home reno voucher£1.35Preview2020-09-30 12:00:00
FunClub - Takashimaya [SG] [12829]Win an Takashimaya voucher£1.20Preview2023-03-01 23:59:59
FunClub - iPhone X [SG] [12827]Win an iPhone X£1.35Preview2020-09-30 12:00:00
FunClub - Test FitBit [SG] [12821]Test & Win a FitBit Wireless Activity Tracker£1.20Preview2023-03-01 23:59:59
FunClub - Cadbury [SG] [12819]Win a Cadbury Hamper£1.35Preview2020-09-30 12:00:00
FunClub - Test Finish Tabs [NZ] [12791]Test Finish Tabs.£1.35Preview2023-03-01 23:59:59
FunClub - Bunnings [NZ] [12789]Win a Bunnings voucher£1.35Preview2023-03-01 23:59:59
FunClub - Caltex [NZ] [12783]Win a Caltex voucher£1.35Preview2023-03-01 23:59:59
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