YourLuckyDay – Xiaomi (ES) (CPL) (Personal Approval)

Offer ID: 46131

Description: Win a Xiaomi

Requirements: Fill in the registration form to participate (SOI)

Allowed Methods of Promotion: Contextual, Banner, Search, Email, Social, Push

Restrictions: No Incent, No Fraud, No Adult, No Bots, No SMS, No Coreg

Publishers can only use approved creative

Offer Additional Terms

Terms and Conditions:
- Please do not send more than 10.000 clicks per hour to this offer to avoid system collapses. 
- Only BR traffic allowed - Strictly no incentivized traffic
- No misuse of 3rd party brands. If these terms are not followed publishers will not be paid for any leads delivered.
- The Advertiser reserves the right to check the validation of the lead up to 72 hours after the user registered.
- Users must be +20 year Old Only promotes brands in advertising materials that are available on our offer pages. All other brands are strictly prohibited! Please have all pages approved by your affiliate managers before running the offer.
NO INSTANT WINNER, suggesting the user has won a potential prize is NOT allowed. Please let your AM know before you start the promotion of the campaign. Advertising materials (e.g: banner, prelander, etc.) should never collect any financial information from the user before redirecting to our offers. Exit- or Logout traffic from CC Submit offers is not allowed to be redirected to our SOI lead gen offers.

Offer information last updated on 28th Jun 24.

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Countries Accepted
Session Lifespan1y
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