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Description: At YourHomesConnection, we are committed to providing a reliable and trustworthy platform for users to find the best local home improvement specialists for their home improvement projects. Join our affiliate program today and be part of this exciting opportunity to make homes more beautiful and functional across the country.

Requirements: Our process is simple and efficient. In just 10 quick questions, we'll gather essential information about your project. We'll inquire about the nature and size of the project, the preferred timeline, and crucial details like your name, address, phone number, and email. This way, we ensure a smooth and personalized experience for every user.

Allowed methods of promotion:  

Social Media: Engage users through your social media channels to spread the word about our fantastic service.
Search: Drive traffic through search engine optimization or paid search campaigns to connect users with our offer.
Native: Blend seamlessly with relevant content to attract interested individuals.
Display: Showcase our offer through eye-catching display ads on websites with relevant audiences.
Email: Reach out to your subscribers and network with our email-friendly offer.


SMS: Please refrain from using SMS marketing to promote YourHomesConnection.
Incentivized: Offering incentives to users for engagement is not allowed.
Co-Reg: Co-registration methods cannot be used to promote our offer.
Adult: Our offer is family-friendly and should not be promoted on adult-oriented platforms.
Pop-ups and Pop-Unders: Using pop-ups or pop-unders to promote our offer is not permitted.
Redirects: Promotion through traffic redirects is restricted.

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Offer Additional Terms


What are NOT ALLOWED terms in creatives:

These are NOT ALLOWED in Ads/Landing Pages

▪ Guaranteed

▪ Pre-screened

▪ Pre-qualified

▪ Insured

▪ Licensed

▪ Bonded

▪ Assistance

▪ State Approved

▪ The term “program” in any context. We provide a service for homeowners, but not a “Program”

▪ "Qualify", as it implies there is a giveaway or program. "Qualify" is permitted if accompanied by language that clearly states the "qualification" is for a quote or for potential savings. (i.e. "You could qualify for a quote if you own your home in Austin”)

▪ Rebate             

▪ FREE                                                                                                                     

Ads and Landing Pages may NOT include specific promotions.

Examples include but are not limited to:

▪ Phrases like "state-approved" or "government-approved" are not permitted.

▪ Buy 1 Window, Get 1 Free 1

▪ Specific savings percentage

▪ Expires Soon!

▪ Specifics about warranty

▪ Specifics about financing offer

▪ Limited Time Offer - This includes language like "this offer expires soon", "end of the month", etc"

Ads and Landing Pages may NOT include the following:

▪ Any reference specific to incentives, government programs, grants, ‘hud’, ‘PACE’, low-income housing assistance

▪ Name, logo, imagery, or likeness of any home improvement or home services contractor, company, or store Including but not limited to; The Home Depot, Lowes, Tesla

▪ “No Money Out of Pocket” or “$0 Out of Pocket”, or “$0 Cost Installation”

▪ May not use or call out a specific number of homeowners in the ad copy. (ie: “Looking for 200 Homeowners in need of Windows”)"


Our unsub link + physical address along with the emailer's unsub + physical address needs to be both included on the footer. 

Below sample:

This email advertisement was sent to you by a third party on behalf of YourHomesWindows.

If you'd prefer not to receive future emails from, click Here.

1216 Broadway, New York, NY 10001 United States

If you'd prefer not to receive future marketing emails, click Here.

[Emailer's Physical Address Here]

The above is for Windows. If you're running Bathroom for example, just change to YourHomesBathroom, and so on..

You can pull our unsub link and suppression list from the panel.

Final outcome should look like this:


HTML assets available in the panel.

Pre-approved From and Subject lines are also available in the panel.

Our Brand Name cannot be used as the "From/Sender", but it can be stated on the subject and body.

Offer information last updated on 11th Jun 24.

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