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Lidl’s Vineyard – is a booking portal, through which we can book and pick up and pay for spirits from all over the world in their Lidl. The store will meet the expectations of even the most demanding customers, thanks to a wide selection of products.

Additional information to pay attention to:
– we do not show the labels of the bottles
– we do not toast either in the stories or in the photo
– we do not show the glass in the hand
– we do not encourage the consumption of alcohol, but to deepen the knowledge of alcohol
– we do not talk about specific alcohols
– we do not use the names of the alcohol
– we do not indicate a specific brand
– we say : Whisky – not Johny Walker
– Publishers are not allowed to put false information about the offer (especially the amount of promotions/discounts)

Validation period until the 20th of the following month

Offer information last updated on 24th Jul 24.

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