WarThunder – Tutorial

Offer ID: 80389

A multiplayer war simulator that allows battles to be fought using planes, helicopters, tanks and ships created and published by Gaijin Entertainment,

Payout rates:
$13.60 – AU
$12.69 – US
$10.88 – CA, NZ, NO, HK, KR
$9.06 – IE, DE, AT, CH, BE, LU, NL, DK, SE, FI, FR, UK
$7.25 – KW
$5.44 – IL
$4.53 – SI, GR, ZA
$4.08 – CZ, SK, HR
$3.62 – ES, IT, HU, JO, SA, AE
$2.72 – PT, PL, BA, CN, MO, TW
$2.26 – PR, RO
$1.81 – BG, QA
$1.36 – RS
$0.90 – EG
$0.45 – MX, CR, CL, BR, UY, HN, VE, PA, BZ, GT, NI, AR, PE, PY, BO, BZ, CR, SV, MA, TN
$0.27 – Other countries
Rates may vary depending on exchange rates.

Countries exluded from the promotion: JP, IN, PK, BD, ID, PH, TH, VN, DZ, AO, SH, BJ, BW, BF, BI, CM, CV, CF, TD, KM, CG, CD, DJ, GQ, ER, SZ, ET, GA, GM, GH, GN, GW, CI, KE, LS, LR, LY, MG, MW, ML, MR, MU, YT, MA, MZ, NA, NE, NG, ST, RE, RW, ST, SN, SC, SL, SO, SS, SH, SD, SZ, TZ, TG, UG, CD, ZM, TZ, ZW

Offer information last updated on 24th Jul 21.

Offer Details
Countries Accepted Yemen flag British Virgin Islands Flag Venezuela flag USA Tunisia flag East Timor flag South Sudan Flag Somalia flag Sint Maarten flag Singapore
Session LifespanUnknown
Expiration Date
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