VisionMed Complex – PL, IT

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PL – 17,92$
IT – 20,60$
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Canary Islands, Ceuta and Melilla.
VisionMed Complex works regardless of age and the cause of impaired vision – also in cases where the vision defect is genetically determined. It is currently the most effective and safest preparation of this type on the market. After just 1 day of use, you will see the first effects! After 4 weeks, you will regain clear, distortion-free and darkened eyesight. Its sharpness will improve by up to 98% and the intraocular pressure will be regulated. The eyesight cells will be rebuilt in 95%, thanks to which the annoying haze will disappear. Your eyes will stop tearing and burning, and will become more refreshed. You will get rid of dryness and the feeling of sand under the eyelids.
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